Connecting Your Business With Influencers

Boosting brand awareness has never been easier than it is today. This is the digital age, and tech is everywhere. Take advantage of the the #1 way to boost your brand or products awareness through social media reviews. At Southern Sister’s Promotions we connect brands and products with a diverse group of social media reviewers to maximize your product and brands exposure to the masses. There are 1.8 BILLION people who use Facebook daily, are you sharing your product with them?

The power of micro influencers is often overlooked. Here are SSP we make use of micro influencers as part of advertising campaigns. Usually providing better results than paying for Facebook ads and even google ads. The number of followers does not always have to be high for them to reach a large amount of people. The actual reach of an influencer far outweighs their following!
Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to build your brand on. We can help connect you to the best influencers on these platforms to drive traffic to your site or product.

Through our Facebook and Instagram pages and groups, we have connections to thousands of influencers. These influencers are ready to help you build your company and drive you sales.

Are you looking to drive traffic and sales to a product you have listed on Amazon, Wish, Groupon, Ebay, or other site?  Then let us help connect your product with the right influencers. Hit the Contact Us tab on our site to reach out so we can help you build your brand.

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